Farewell to Retiring Providers

Thankfully, it is rare that we find ourselves saying farewell to a handful of providers in a short period of time. We become so accustomed to their friendship and compassionate care that it becomes a significant loss to the SCMG community to lose even one. Grateful for their time and service, we thank them warmly for their kind devotion to our family of patients. We will miss each one of them uniquely and wish them well on their journey!


  • Dr. Thomas L. Wyne

Joined SCMG in 1975. Family Medicine, South Campus.

  • Dr. Richard L. Rysavy

Joined SCMG in 1979.  NW Campus Express Care.

  • Dr. Richard W. Hart

Joined SCMG in 1981. NW Campus Pediatrics.

  • Dr. Dennis R. Weslander

Joined SCMG in 1995. Express Care South Campus.

  • Eunice B. Weslander, PA-C

Joined SCMG in 2006. Family Medicine South Campus.