Commitment to Quality

When it comes to caring for our patients, quality is everything. Our well-trained physicians and staff are committed to providing an excellent experience for every patient, every step of the way, from finding the right provider and scheduling to office visits, billing, and followup care. At St. Cloud Medical Group, quality patient care is built into every process, every day.

Patient Satisfaction





St. Cloud Medical Group's staff is happy to share what makes them proud to be a part of our team that cares for you and your health. 

“I like helping people especially when it’s something that person would have no way of knowing. It’s always worth a second look when taking care of the people that count on you.”
Molly Foster, Business Office 

 “I feel very fortunate that St. Cloud Medical Group values the time it takes to help our diabetic patients.”
Leslie Kirscht, PA-C

“When it comes to acknowledging that ‘feels like family’ attitude, our Clearwater Clinic often receives high marks.”
Carrie Pilgrim, Clearwater Clinic Lab

“On occasion, lab staff, doctors, and myself have delivered x-ray films when we know the person is in poor or emergent health and has limited travel resources. It makes us feel good to ‘pay it forward.’ For people who don’t drive or have access to a vehicle, figuring out how to get things delivered can be very complicated. I’m happy to help, and I am inspired every day to be part of this amazing team.”
Jodi Faber, Cold Spring Clinic, Nursing

“We made a difference when we accommodated a patient’s schedule at the end of the day and I felt so proud! Sometimes small things make a huge difference.”
JoAnn Repke, Midwest Occupational Medicine, Reception

“I enjoy being the patient advocate, and when patients make it a point to call back and thank me - stating that they are feeling a lot better, I truly feel appreciated.”
Mary Kay Stein, Nursing                      

“I’m relatively new to working at SCMG, but already I can see an empowering level of care. I see it in how we treat our co-workers and in how we service our customers. I see it in the speedy reaction to running something to the lab, the preparedness we display when we grab the optimal phone to insure accuracy, and in the willingness we show to help each other help a patient. Caring is part of our mission at SCMG and anytime you’re able to genuinely help someone you feel like you’re needed and valued.”
Kayla Pillatzki, Reception 

“I think sometimes we think of customer service only in response to how we react to people that come from outside our clinic. If Dr. Wyne doesn’t come out and greet reception in the morning, he is sure to come out at the end of the day to thank us for our help. His sunny disposition has motivated me to try and greet my co-workers with a smile and a 'good morning' or 'enjoy your day,' too. Attitudes are contagious and one simple act might just make that person’s day or change their outlook on it. And that makes a difference for all of us.”
Tammy Waldvogel, SC Reception

“I’ve worked in the billing office for 17 years so I’m helping people on the phones all day long. Despite what you might think, I hear people say the kindest things. ‘Thank you for your help.’ ‘You’re so sweet.’ ‘You’ve helped me out.’ ‘I’ll have a better day now that you’ve helped me figure this out.’”
Dawn Schramel, Billing Office

“I feel people feel better when we’re personable with them and in my experience, offering kind and respectful attention is what it’s all about. I like to treat people the way I’d like to be treated. And I always feel good about myself when people return a smile!” 
Lynn Eich, Receptionist, Clearwater Clinic 

“We all know what it’s like to be stuck in the snow and I’m so proud to work with people like Dr. Snead, who are so willing to help. We enjoy helping beyond the 'health' care, we just like to help.”
Mandy Koelbl, Reception Supervisor

“One of my co-workers and I have been learning some basic Somali words and expressions that apply to our area. We find the skills helpful when a patient comes without an interpreter, but also we also like to see how it makes our Somalian patient’s faces light up. Making an attempt to communicate shows love and respect for people and it helps bridge difference. It makes me smile back when they offer to shake my hand or tell me my Somali is good. And I say back, 'Mahad Sinid,' which means 'thank you.'”
Thea Terpstra, X-ray